Vote on EGO Challenge format!

Discussion in 'Journals' started by traderkay, Sep 29, 2003.

  1. 2 Options:

    1) Posting each day in a new ET thread (done now)
    2) Posting in a real-time MIRC chatroom
  2. the only thing i don't like is the 1 minute timer thing. like it doesn't let you post within 1 minute of another message. maybe baron can lower that to a few seconds or something.
  3. That is what I did today. It just works so much better for this type of realtime trade posting IMO.
  4. This is a no brainer.
    You can't even compare.
    mIRC is as real time as you can get on printed media.

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  5. mIRC for sure. That's what I'll be doing starting tomorrow.

  6. Where do you hang out?
  7. kserra


    How about posting in mirc and then saving the chat and posting it all in one ET thread, that way you don't have to go through ten pages of oneliners and you can just look at the whole thing
  8. That would amount to a very big log. It will be possible for someone to edit it and then post if someone is willing to edit the tens of thousand of lines on a daily chat log.

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  9. I would suggest #emini channel on Regarding posting of the log, it could be easily done. MIRC allows one to log all text that's posted in a room and save it to a file. That file can then either be posted here as an attachment for added verification or be uploaded to any web site and viewed there.