Vote On a Slogan for Elite Trader

Discussion in 'Events' started by Baron, Aug 27, 2002.

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  1. JPB


    Come on, super-faster-ego, you've got more aliases than that, or can't they all agree?
    #21     Aug 27, 2002
  2. yes it is true 'they' are all here and 'they' would dearly love to vote but 'they' have a slight problem ...'they' can't remember their logins :D

    jpb, can you believe the winner so far, that tag line is so banal and stale ...#1 blah blah blah i mean how many times have you heard that.. lacks creativity, pizazza, and force. my choice on the other hand...

    FasterPussycat (& Company):cool:
    #22     Aug 27, 2002
  3. DT-waw


    I like "A Liquid Market for Volatile Ideas" - it gets my vote.

    "Type Faster than a PussyCat"
    "E.T. never sleeps"
    "Love @ 1st site"
    "100k posts and growing - still can't find The Holly Grail :mad:"

    echo: shut up and trade is a good one! :)
    #23     Aug 27, 2002
  4. I have a feeling hes back...ruuuuuuuummmmmmm!!!!!!!
    #24     Aug 27, 2002
  5. The first one sounds like a mission statement of a cheesy company......

    Perfecting the Art of Daytrading


    The #1 choice for consumers


    Labia reduction done right
    #25     Aug 27, 2002
  6. How come the old slogan got to be the first ballot entry? Worse, its getting unfair election advertising -- its being promoted in the window title of ET's home page (subliminal advertising!). Isn't there some law about campaigning too close to a polling place???? Maybe ET should hire Andersen to audit the election -- they'd probably be willing to work for a few T-shirts now. :D

    *** Brought to you by the committee to elect "A Liquid Market for Volatile Ideas" for ET slogan, Traden4Alpha Treasurer ***
    #26     Aug 28, 2002
  7. exce26


    Free Beer for Elite Traders once a week!
    That will get attention....
    #27     Aug 28, 2002
  8. Yannis


    How about:

    From "e-Lite" to "Trader"

    ??? :)
    #28     Aug 28, 2002
  9. enrick71


    "The short way to successful Trading"

    #29     Aug 29, 2002
  10. EliteTrader, "the best place to bitch about IB"

    EliteTrader, "a forum where Bright aint right"

    EliteTrader, "An exchange for Ideas"

    EliteTrader, "Educating the minds that trade the market"

    EliteTrader, "Strategery and Insight"

    EliteTrader, "Feel lost? Need a friend? EliteTrader is the #1 site for suicidal daytraders"

    EliteTrader, "Are you Elite?!"

    EliteTrader, "Im RUINED!!! oh, wait.. no, im back"

    just a few ideas :)

    #30     Aug 29, 2002
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