Vote Obama The Hell Out

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  1. I'm sure most understand why, .. never too early to begin the movement of ridding yourself of a modern day nightmare. (And to answer your question, voting for someone besides Obama doesn't make you racist, )

    (And Yes, I know Bush invaded Iraq... )
  2. Obama has my vote in 2012
  3. Obama reminds me of a substitute teacher in high school.

  4. yeah, A substitute teacher who hates the school and its pupils..

    the dude is a .. what do you call .. an afternoon soap-opera
    television event

    In any case.. Carryied into office by a unqiue wave of anti-americanism.

    Hopefullly, the historians will get it right.

    (I'm the picture of complacency... BUT THIS FUCKING RADICAL HAS TO GO)
  5. Hussein Barack Obama = 1/3 Black Liberation Radical + 1/3 Muslim Supremacist + 1/3 Far Left Liberal American
  6. Get Chuck Hagel on the ticket and I'd probably vote for him. But Palin, McCain and the like hell no.
    A man like Hagel will never be accepted by fox and limbaugh and hannity because he spoke his mind and didn't follow the talking points.
    Enjoy another losing election republicans, Obama will probably win.

  7. 100% against what most understand to be the American way...


  8. "NO ONE" ...if it is was possible would would win against Obamo.

    We are well past the "better of two evils" here
  9. The repubs lost with mccIn and palin. The party is moving farther to the right, don't think they can win. The republicans should of worked with the demos on the health bill, it would of been better for them and the bill would of been better. Their plan of total opposion will back fire on them and so it should.
  10. In one term we could be on the end of WW III or in a middle of a revolution with this perverted joker.

    However, presidents can be assassinated or become incapacitated so it is not a done deal yet that he will take us all to hell with him.
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