vote here if I should give away information that will lead to $$$

Discussion in 'Trading' started by laptop, Jan 24, 2007.

give ET people strategy OR sponsor 130 dying kids

  1. screw the kids, they are not worth saving

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  2. no sponsor kids, instead of giving ET people forex strategy

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  3. I don't care I don't need money (I am rich)

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  4. help the kids cause I am one of them, with net access

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  1. laptop


    should I give away a working forex strategy that I don't even need

    or should I sponsor 130 hungry children in africa through one of those christian organizations
  2. Sponsor 130 ET permabears. They have empty fridges, too!
  3. laptop


    hmm... good one
  4. Ultimately you'll have to give it away. Your sponsorship will terminate when you do. You do not want that because you are a good guy.
  5. Is there a cease wanking option?