vote for best joe theisman highlight

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whats your favorite joe theisman moment

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  1. wins mvp in superbowl

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  2. when leg gets bitch snapped by lawrence taylor

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  1. either you like him or you absoulutly hate him. vote for your favorite theisman moment:D

    the shack
  2. When he changed the pronunciation of his name from to rhyme with Heisman (Trophy) when he was at notre dame

    The guy is a putz...always was...always will be.
  3. You are warped Caddy, warped!!:D
  4. surely someone will vote for when this jackass won mvp,, lol
  5. Magna

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    Sorry, this jackass never won Superbowl MVP (thank god, his unbelievably over-inflated ego would be off the charts). Here's a complete list of the winners:
  6. 4re


    That is Superbowl MVP. I think he might have won the League MVP though. I would love to say my favorite Joe moment was when LT broke Joes leg but that was too gross to enjoy. And even though I hated Joe I hate to see someones career end like that.
  7. megalodon


    My favorite moment was when he signed an autograph in '83, and I told him to beat the Cowboys that weekend. Everybody in line laughed. That was the golden era for the Skins. It is amazing that Gibbs was able to win with the scrub QB's that followed (Rip, Schrader, Doug Williams, etc.).
  8. Magna

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    Yep, he won that in 1983. I was responding to the 1st of the two choices in the poll: "wins mvp in superbowl"