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  1. Hey, does anyone here use Vonage? It'd save a crazy amount of money but I was just wondering how the service is. Is the sound good? Did you get the wireless router with the phones--is the signal strong enough around the house? What hardware did you get to have phones around the house? Had any problems?
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    Had it for several months. I use it as an office phone.

    Plug it (the VOIP box) into your router as you would any other computer. There is a phone jack on the VOIP box. That is your phone line. You can plug any phone system into that jack.

    If you plug a regular phone into the VOIP box. Installation complete.

    You can walk around the house the same as you would with a land line phone. In otherwords, the phone has to be wireless.

    Connections are great. My only problem is that the phone number I was given is not from around where I live. They don't have phone numbers in all areas yet. I live in the boonies. So, the problem is I forget to dial the area code for what I consider a local call. Big deal, but keep getting wrong numbers.

    There are more benefits that I am skipping. Like I get an email whenever somebody leaves a message on the phone.
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    about a year ago in the Sarasota florida area the service sucked. My inlaws went back to a regular phone line. It was very inconsistent.

    I use the same setup from my cable company. At time I am told I sound like darth vader. Lighting storms were also blowing up my box.

    If you get it demand the best components.

    I would not reccomend it.
  4. ipo issue soon.
  5. I have used Vonage for well over a year now and am very pleased. Sound quality is good but if you use a cheap phone it may be a little crackly. It has saved me aton of money thoug adn with a decent phone I would recommend it.
  6. Can get very scratching and give off an echo-

    IF you are talking on the phone all day for business I wouldn't do it.
  7. look into skype. can't beat it.
  8. yes, i use vonage. i think its fantastic! my phone bill was close to 300.00/month for 3 lines at the house. its now under $80.00 with no surprises. been using it for over a year now with no issues whatsoever.

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    I have used Vonage for about six months with Comcast cable 6M/356Kb. It has been a disaster, but I am 90% sure that is because Comcast Cable in my area (most or all of Chicago ?) has been unusable - I can hear people clear as a whistle, but they can not hear me because I break up, or I would go silent for 30 seconds at a time.

    Next week I am getting a SpeakEasy 1500/765 DSL line to replace the Comcast Cable. From what I understand, SE is very good at VOIP. I will let you know how that goes.

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