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  1. I have no news, however the stock is trading up another 50% after hours.

    Any insight?
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    FYI: I have been using their services for the last 3 years. Excellent quality and customer service.
    Now they offer Free call to 60+ countries including China, India and all Europe and east Asia. Now all long distance companies including Verizon , Comcast are dead. Rotten dead and I mean it. They should come witha counter offer of free call on the earth for $20 a month !!!. Otherwise there will be only Vonage and nothing else.
    Stock has not reacted yet. It will go over $5 in a week. VG was a depressed and ignored stock and now its time to shine because of great outlook that they will have.
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    By the way, the best way to get their service is to get $24.99 plan and pay one year in advance and you will get 20% off (that will be $20 a month). If you want to sign up, please send me a private message and I can introduce you and both of us will also get 2 months free service worth $50.
  5. Sick stock. I was in just after the close. And yeah, it's still rising.

    Their global IP pricing kicks ass. Ever see all those calling cards at convenience stores that many immigrants get? I think that's their market.

    I may dump it sometime tomorrow, or maybe 1/2 my holdings.
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    For one seller there will be 5 buyers in the row to grab your shares. I don't know why you call it sick. Don't be surprised by its today's run up. Are you a new trader? Haven't you seen such a phenomena in the market? Well it will go to $5 and still down from $20 which was a few years ago. This can go to over $10 by this week.
  7. Sick is slang for good, as in really good.

    I'm not a new trader, I post mostly in the econ/wall street forum, I rarely like to give specific opinions on stocks.

    And yeah, I've traded with stocks that turn 300+% in a short time (weeks)... it's just real risky and rare for me. I allocate a certain amount of my portfolio for hail marys. Always fun to watch these run.

    When are you bailing on this one? I like to take out 50% at a time - probably starting early tomorrow.
  8. By the way, from Barron's blog:

    “Three weeks ago, the company announced financial results which included record adjusted EBITDA of $31 million, positive net income for the first time in the company’s history and positive cash flow. Last week, the company launched Vonage World which provides flat rate unlimited calling to over 60 countries with unlimited readable voicemail (visual voicemail). Initial interest has been strong. Additionally, the company previously announced that it expects to enter the mobile applications market, which has garnered a great deal of attention in recent weeks and months.”

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    I knew that you are not a new trader. I had my point and you got it right. My points are:
    I am using Vonage and their product is perfect. All great features and everything so I am not buying something that I don't know.
    VG was ignored and undervalued for a long time. Cramer was the great basher of VG few years back. I know that VG has not cured cancer but their offer was great and now with that free calls it is thousand times better. It won't cost them anything really. They will just attract hundres of thousands of new customers. I am not BSing on this. It just started. Do you know how many Mexicans. Canadians, indians, Chinese, Hong Kongies, japanese, East Europeanies are living in US? All of them will use this service. Now back to your question:
    Tomorrow we might see an overshoot at the open and then a sudden drop because of profit taking by people mabye like you and me and then it will keep going up. $3 in easily feasible. I will keep my shares for 2 weeks at least. I got their email on Sat and I hit myself that why I did not buy the shares early on Monday morning.
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