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    Vonage is making available about 13% of its IPO shares to early customers of their phone service (including myself).

    Anyone have opinions on this IPO? There are certainly plenty of doubters of the company's future in the face of Comcast/Verizon encroachment on their turf. If I participate though, I would not be concerned about such longterm issues, it would be a simple 1 day swing trade.
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    how do u like the service?...im looking to do that here in my office...what plan are you on?
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    I use the basic home phone service at it works as advertised. The voice quality is excellent on a decent broadband connection.

    One neat feature is virtual phone numbers ($5/mo). They can be purchased in a different area code (where family (clients?) are clustered) that are seamlessly routed to your main phone number. It allows your family to call you as if it was a local number (at local phone rates).

    Another feature I use a lot is having voice mails emailed to me as a .wav file. Handy.
  4. I like Vonage but they do have a lot of competitors. Vonage probably is the best mainstream option for non-techie VOIP applications. They are the AOL of voice over IP.
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    I already requested shares in the ipo, since i am a customer. There service is the best of the VOIP crowd.
  6. Vonage and all the high network capacity ISPs....such as AKAM and IIP....all have a great future.
  7. is it b/c you guys are the most loyal holders of their stock when things go south? because you believe?

    whatever happened to the at&t voip solution?

  8. I've been a Vontage customer for about a year now. I have had no issues at all with their services. It operates very well in my home and my business. Both locations are heavy with wireless stuff. I am a gadget hound and in the beginning I had to adjust for a few overlaps. But now I am very pleased with the services. I too have requested stock. I'll be holding mine for a while. :)
  9. Comcast offers the best quality product on the market although it is, I believe about $40, per month. The people I know that have Comcast voip say it is very reliable. Users can plug their phones straight into wall jacks and get service throughout the house without buying expandable phones.

    Vonage is carrying hefty debt per customer and losing money hand over fist. Vonage/ Citron don't have the resources or customer base to compete with big players. Also, the wave of the future will be one stop billing (voip, wireless, data, etc.) which Vonage could never offer.
  10. i use vonage rather extensively and have saved tons of $$ switching from hardwire. never an issue. highly reccomended!

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