Volvo is dead

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Would you buy a chinese volvo

  1. NO way

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  2. Yes

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  1. Now that china owns them, why would anyone in the US buy a Chinese Volvo?

    So Pay high end car prices for a car built by 12 year olds in a dirty polluted factory and made with cheap materials.
  2. Citroen should return to the us market with their new c-zero.
  3. As long as manufacturing is kept in Sweden, otherwise I would agree.
  4. Thats what they say. They just want to get things built out in their country, move stuff over and ready in china and then they will pull the plug on the Swedish folks.

    China is Pro china, they are following a mercantilist policy.
  5. WTF! Ignorance is bliss; Ignorance is self-righteous! All the U.S./Europe/Japanese Car manufacturers only have their China branches profitable. # of cars produced/solded in China is more than that of U.S. and Japan combined in 2009. I'm not responsible for your stupidity. Who cares.
  6. I was not aware of that fact. Some of us who have owned Volvos in the past, admired the engineering and longevity.
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    Now that china owns them, why would anyone in the US buy a Chinese Volvo?

    Why would anyone in the US buy ANYTHING from China ?
    Because........ in 2 days the Sheeple will have forgotten (if they ever knew in the first place) that Volvo = Chinese.

    Or - more probably - they didn't care in the first place.
    They don't care that a stinking repressive government is stinking and repressive ! Long live Tibet - huh ?

    Why doesn't someone start a chain of stores called....
    Made in China....NOT ! ........ or some such.

    I'm a buyer.

    Each $ is a vote:

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    Apparently, nor your own either...
  9. Congratulate to you if the process that engendered the egg becoming you was coordinated in English.:D
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