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    why was the volume so low today?
    because of the weather?
  2. because of a move thats going to occur tomorrow. :)
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    in which direction?
  4. My bet is lower. The high established today will be the tell for tomorrow.
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    I am a bit suspicious of the theory that low volume means big movements the day after. Does anyone have any evidence on this? or what would be the logic?
  6. I never said that. Please don't take my words out of context. Because of X does not = Y.

    tomorrow ranges and bull/bear scenario. enjoy and bet accordingly.
  7. I agree:

    02-10-10 09:02 PM

    Dow 10k and Spoos 1166

    Holy sh*t!!!

    This sucker is gonna explode up or down. Balanced on a very thin wire with locks of explosives. Thursday and Friday are gonna rock!!!!
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    It is still a bit early, but it seems that it is not exploding at all... very boring actually.

    My feeling is that the DOW at 10k seems to be a good territory and we are going to see
    this number quite a few more times.
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    well there was some movement today, but the volume was still pretty low. Any idea why?
    you still believe that the big move has yet to come? if so, I am curious to hear why...
  10. where have you been?

    the VOLUME has been LOW for ages since last JUNE
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