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    Selling my 2006 Copy of Tradequiders Volume Spread Analysis Boot Camp. Paid $550 new. This is an Original Copy!

    This is 9hrs, 2 DVD's of videos from one of their bootcamps.
    PM me your email and I will send pics and the Table of Contents.

    For those unaware of VSA, it is the understanding of result vs effort with relation to buying/selling pressure and candle formations. It aids in understanding accumulation and distribution via candle formations.

    $200 firm.
  2. well, at least you didn't use the term "profitable"...
  3. Blotto


    So they didn't teach you how to trade then.

    Hint: if you are buying at $550 and selling at $200 you are not in profit.
  4. You never know, could have made so much $$$$$ that no longer needs to trade, and is passing on the good fortune as a tithe.
  5. JGTrader


    These DVD's are still for sale.
  6. I bet they are
  7. Don't bother buying the DVDs if anyone wants to be happy.

    It talks about going short based on distribution range/mushroom top/no demand bars and going long after a downtrend followed by no supply bars after a sell off.

    Shows some stuff like end of rising market/falling market (all in hindsight) and teaches to short wide up bars and long wide down bars based on context which again is pretty much hindsight and subjective.

    The problem is all the examples are cherry picked in the DVDs and full of gibberish terms found in Tom Williams book (test of strength/no demand bars/no supply bars) etc etc.

    To the original poster - How many times have you gone short or long based on the DVD's teachings only to find prices heading lower or higher against you by a leg or two?

    I guess thats why you went long the DVDs @ 500 $ and dumping @ 200 $ (selling climax?).

    Wyckoff's teachings are much more detailed and precise whereas VSA looks only good in hindsight-more of a marketing strategy to lure newbies based on us vs "them" mentality (the evil operators who always take your money at tops and bottoms).