Volume Spikes

Discussion in 'Trading' started by hoodooman, Jan 1, 2004.

  1. Can anyone tell me the name of a site that provides eod data for stocks making large volume spikes?
  2. maxpi


    Probably the scanner at stockcharts.com will do that for you.
  3. Maxpi

    Thanks for the reply. The free version of stockcharts is 2 or 3 days late.
  4. gms


    The "deluxe stock screener" at moneycentral.com (you'll have to download it- it's free) can be rigged to do that. For example, here I've set the criteria to display those stocks up 25% or more from their average volume last qtr. Look at how that was rigged and you'll see how you can change that to almost anything you want:


    Run it at eod, if you wait till pre-market hours, the volume data no longer exists in the database, and running intraday gives an incomplete picture.
  5. Thanks GMS. Sounds exactly like what I need.