Volume record on Russel 2000

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by riley, Jan 27, 2004.

  1. riley


    Today volume was over 49,000. Pretty strange considering we did not break yesterday's high or low.
  2. TG


    Many in group I trade with have left ES to trade Russell and Euro.
  3. I see this in conjunction with the fact
    that the volume for the YM has surged

    For technical analysis, volume of the ER2
    is irrelevant and misleading, since
    it is a "slave instrument", you should
    consider volumes of the NQ + ES ( + YM)
  4. What is a "slave instrument"?...
  5. The primary market is the S&P 500.
    There is the volume. The quotes
    for INDU / YM or the ER2 move of course
    in accordance to the SP first (see arb software) with minor divergences.
    (see Intra-Commodity Spreads, where one is long ES / short ER2 if the ES should perform better)
  6. Thanks for the info!... :cool:
  7. I have also heard that alot of prop futures guys are migrating to the ER2 of late. I would argue that this is a larger and larger percentage of the overall volume.
  8. Yeah,

    I've seen some chatroom buddys
    trade the ER2 or the YM recently.

    The reason is that in the ES it is more&more difficult to get filled when joining bids&asks due to massive book size and the "large" tick size.

    However, I would not like the ES tick
    size to be reduced. I stick to the ES
    and IMO everything is fine !
  9. Volume on YM and ER2 cannot be used for t/a purposes, only ES and NQ have enough volume to actually clue in on capitulation of moves etc.

    However, the idea of trading the ER2 is interesting.. I put it on my screen and will start following it today, see if it's tradeable.. seems more volatile than the others.