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  1. Anyone aware of software that has this feature? Investors Biz Daily is on a 20 min delay w this info , looking for the real time tracking for my stocks. Qcharts has this feature buts it data fee is usually down.

  2. QuoteTracker beta version now has a pace indicator which shows you the ratio of volume over the last X minutes vs. the average volume over any X minute interval over the last Y days. I believe that is what you are looking for.

    To select it, right click on the intraday chart, and select VIEW/Show Pace Indicator menu

    QuoteTracker works with various different datafeeds including

    and datafeeds from many different brokers, so you are not tied to a single datafeed, which might have problems.

    Jerry Medved
  3. Jerry:
    I will check out your site, if anyone is aware of somthing similar or better that measures the volume compared to its avg volume. Please share

  4. Where is this feature located in Qcharts?

    - Spydertrader
  5. I dont remember the name of the feature on Qcharts since cancelling it sometime ago , its measure volume the same way as IBD.
  6. mmillar


    I would have thought any software that has programmable indicators can do this.

    I use TradeStation and it 101 indicators that do similar things.