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    We've learned a lot of candle stick chart patterns, morning star, hang man, dark cloud ..... etc.

    I am wondering if there're any great books or WEB sites revealing Volume patterns?

    For instance, we all looking for a volume spike for a confirmation of a downtrend reversal, let's say we found a volume spike on 5-min intraday chart, when we switch the chart to 1-min chart, Is there something we should pay attention for this up-reversal volume confirmation? Because volume spike could happen in free fall situation too. Or it might be a fake head ?

    I would like to know more about volume study, but here's one WEB site http://www.marketvolume.com for those of you who are interested to try ....

    Thanks for any further info ...

  2. Pring in his "Market Momentum" has a chapter on volume based indicators.
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