Volume on MNQ going to beat the YM?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by Overnight, Jun 28, 2019.

  1. Overnight


    Just glanced at volumes so far, and the MNQ is running neck and neck with YM at around 104K contracts.

    If anyone needed any more convincing that the micros are here to stay, that is it.
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  2. MattZ

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    Good Info!
  3. Overnight


    Looks like YM won in the stretch, 141K to 120K currently.

    But at least MNQ beat Aug NG, 120K vs 108K.
  4. Turveyd


    1/10th Size ??? so Value wise still way down.

    Joe Blogs will start making too much money from $500 out lay and they'll regulate it to stop that pretty soon I bet :(
  5. Overnight


  6. Turveyd


    $1 per pt not $10 right ?? so Value traded 1/10th or something like that ??

    Joe Blogs ?? General anyone public ??
  7. Overnight


    Value between NQ and MNQ is exactly the same?

    Value has nothing to do with it? I was just comparing the volume of YM to MNQ. Not value. I was simply noting that the micros have so much volume flowing through them now, that they are not going to be delisted anytime soon. And based on it's volume, ever.

    This OP was a shout to some posters out there who thought the micros are a fad or something. I am reiterating that they are not.
  8. R123


    Good to hear, Good Info, Thanks. I have been trading them, been very pleased overall. Notice spreads getting tighter around the clock, quicker fills, and volume bars growing:D.
  9. Overnight


    Dudes, check it. I'm pretty sure the MNQ beat the YM on volume today. I neglected to take note of it before 5 PM ET today.

    But MNQ was in the lead most of the day. That means that YM could get de-listed due to it's pitiful volume! MuHAHAHHA!!