Volume of Emini by Hour

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by nubeerski, Sep 26, 2002.

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    I have a full time job between 6:30am and 2:30pm Central time and wish to trade Eminis. I was wondering what the volume is in the off-hours when the CME is closed? I know that it is electronic and it is virtually 24-hours.

    Is is even worth my while to trade, if I'm not in on the action when it is the most active. If someone trades either before 6:30am central time or after 2:30pm can tell me if it's worth trading then, or what commodity is traded heavily during those hours.
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  3. Does not make sense to trade them outside RTH (ES spread 2 points = 100$). Currency futures (CME Globex) is different, you can trade EUR and YEN almost 24Hrs with tight spread (1 to 4 pips). :cool:
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    FX Trader,

    I'm thinking about currrency futures or Forex because I want to be able to trade in the afternoon and at night.

    Do you trade currency futures on Globex or do you trade with a Forex dealer?

    What are the considerations when making that choice?

    For a newbie developing a trading strategy for currencies, would you say that strategies that are effective in trading e-minis would work well trading currencies?

    I've had success trading the e-minis using Linda Raschke's strategies. Would doing some testing with these strategies be a reasonable place to start?

    I've found several Forex "schools" on the Internet. Are any of these worth considering as far as you know? What books do you recommend?

    Are there any decent message boards about trading currencies?

    Sorry so many questions.

  5. I think trading after hours is kind of like stopping in a strange town and walking into a bar and over in the corner theres a poker game going that just happens to have one seat open and theres a bunch of dopey looking guys who all appear to be drunk sitting around the table.