Volume is so low!!!

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  1. Not sure if I can trust any of these prices. who usually trade on these low volume days. Is it mainly individual traders or mainly the institutions?
  2. It's not that low. Last Christmas we had haft the volume of today's.
  3. So do you think Tuesday stocks will be cheaper when traders come back. And right now its mainly short sellers covering for the long weekend? I would rather get a good bargain on tuesday.
  4. It is tricky. I see a stock go up 20 cents on only a volume of 70,000 shares traded on a 1 minute tick. Thats kind of iffy I think.
  5. It'll be like "that" until Labor Day. Get used to it. :cool:
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    Why aren't you at the beach with everyone else?
  7. I will sat until wed. I am going to wait for the GM bankrupcy anyhow by then things should be much cheaper.
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    A lot of folks are off today for a long weekend, and some will be off a lot this summer. Don't force trades. Find something with acceptable volume, or take the day off.
  9. Right now I am just watching so I can learn more. I would not feel comfortable trading in this low volume.
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    You are brainwashed about volume. Price is what matters on the bottom line, not volume. Give up on stocks and trade modern, trade ES. :D

    geez, you stock traders are so ssslllloooowwwwwwwwww.
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