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Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by nicbizz, Aug 29, 2010.

  1. nicbizz


    Is there an indicator, or a function of any charting program, that plots volume at time X against the SMA-20 for volume at time X?

    For example, this indicator will let us know how today's volume at 10:30 am is compared to the average volume at 10:30 am for the past 20 days.
  2. Options:

    -Bloomberg volume analysis tool


    -For other platforms, you could find a code floating around for that need (or cook it up), it just depends on what software you're using.
  3. Use the SESST (session statistics indicator) on MarketDelta or Investor RT. It's a fabulous platform for doing this sort of thing with OUT custom programming.
  4. charts


    You can probably guesstimate it differently: extrapolate today's 10:30 volume to the full day (e.g. multiply it by 3.6), then compare it to the 20 day volume average ... :)
  5. JDConner


    You can do this with Sierra Charts.
  6. Is it a built-in SC study, or do you need to use a worksheet / ASCIL?
  7. JDConner


    Worksheet, volume and cumulative sum study