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  1. Can someone tell me how to use this indicators?
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    It's not an indicator; it's data. It tells you at what price levels volume was strongest. Generally speaking, these are the levels at which support and resistance will most likely be found.
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    thanks for the reply
  4. If you do start using volume at price studies, also pay some attention to the lowest volume areas...it always means something when a price trades thru with no contention whatsoever...just my 1.5 cents
  5. elbo showed big volume today at quad bottom. up about.70 now.
  6. You are not well informed.
    VAP is an indicator for amibroker.
    Since we have, in one way or another, OHLCV data we may create VAP or enjoy the already built-in VAP.
    It is simple, accurate and, above all, you don´t need a separate VAP vendor [and the respective fee]
    Take a look, it is interesting.
  7. Low VAP means small resistance for this price, in ascending or descending movement. High VAP means congestive behavior around this price. A High VAP breakout is good news, the stock will explore new price levels soon...
  8. Excusez moi, but is volume by price not best construed from actual time/sales, rather than volume at certain price bars? Or u use tick data?
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    There may be an indicator with that name, but "volume by price" is simply data.

    You aren't so well-informed, either.
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    I was looking for volume weighted average pricing on eSignal 7.4 however I do not think it is available. I called eSignal and they directed me to a standard chart where I found a volume weifted moving average. Very nice!
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