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    Anyone able to chart constant volume bars for more than 40 days? My third party app is limited to 40 days of data.
  2. The only data vendors with accurate volume bar charts are E-signal and Barchart, and I know you've got e-signal.

    You'll have to beg for data from somebody, or network with somebody with a large database and especially dump any app that's not multicharts right now.
  3. Quotetracker can do 60 days if you get the patch posted in the other thread and have a datafeed that can get 60 days of chart data (IQFeed)
  4. What about NT 7?
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    NinjaTrader does support Volume Bar charts and the lookback is of course dependent on the data source used. Using Kinetick.com, you will have access to 120 days of historical tick data for example. Using Zen-Fire or CQG, you will have access to over a year of historical tick data.
  6. None of those have accurate volume bar charts.
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    Appreciate all the feedback. Could you please elaborate on what you mean by 'dump any app that's not multicharts'. I'm not following...
  8. Multicharts with E-signal or Barchart, are the applications you should be using to develop trading systems, since those two data vendors are the only ones that have accurate constant volume bar charts.
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    @bwolinsky, What is accurate? Show a chart of ES e-mini 100V or 1000V or whatever.
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    Maybe also provide an exported csv or txt file of those chosen volume bars. Upload to here http://www.zippyshare.com/ or wherever you want. Thanks!
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