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  1. Can someone name some data providers that allow you to view volume bar charts without having to populate the data over time?

    So if I want to pull up a chart of Bank of America with each bar containing 50,000 shares that were executed it automatically comes up?
  2. Ninja trader does that.
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    You mean a website, like Bigcharts.com, that shows charts in Volume Bar Charts?

    Data provider supplies the raw data... it is the charting software that makes the Volume Bar chart.
  4. I think the data providers have to collect the data in a certain way that allows for the data to be broken down into volume bars.

    I use Sierra Charts and used open tick until it stopped working. I just switched to data from barchart.com and if you want volume bar charts you have to populate the data in realtime...
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    Ensign Software
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    That's a very fast setting imo. Here is a 60k Vol chart in Ensign

  7. If that is a Volume indicator at the bottom you need to checked the "Capped" box to keep the Volume constant.

    Volume is embedded in most tick bars.
    Ensign, MultiCharts, Sierra Charts and eSignal are the only software packages that offer Constant (Capped) Volume/Share Bars that I know of.
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    I asked Howard about that and was told that is the number of trades.
  9. Cool! Thanks!
  10. This is a good way to pick off partial fills on big money and the frequency of the fills.

    WRT indexes, you can also see several other things including the above. Namely, you get to see how to trade (with partials fills) at multiples of the market's capacity. Premium drift is a consideration as well. As the drift gets to a certain point there is a scaling in partial fill characteristic. Tuning the volume setting afforts a good way to look closer, especially at settlement times.

    Small retail is not a consideration but you can use gating and feedback loops to make adjustments in "when" to look for "what". Using count down clocks).

    The focus is more on laterals @ testing S or R than in thin markets (midday laterals.
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