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  1. In my journal, http://www.elitetrader.com/vb/showthread.php?s=&postid=1294405#post1294405 - a suggestion was made to look at volume bars vs. a set timeframe for a chart setup.

    This has really grabbed my interest, but not sure where to start. Hopefully someone that has used volume bars before can help me out....

    I currently mainly trade off of a 3 minute time based chart. This hasn't been bad, but during quick moves I am often left watching as I wait for a 3 minute candle to finish. By this time, it's sometimes too late to enter a trade.

    My questions are...
    1) Where can I read up more about this - websites, books, etc.

    2) How do I 'translate' from a 3 minute chart to a volume based chart? In other words, if I am trading the ES now on a 3 minute chart, what should I set my volume at? Is there a set ratio I should use based on how many contracts are traded on a particular market? Right now I trade the ES, NQ, ER2, EC, and QM. The QM has less than 100,000 traded daily, meanwhile the ES is around 1 million... so, not sure where to set my parameters at.

    Thanks everyone!!

    Special thanks to fearless9 for mentioning this to me in my journal.
  2. ProfLogic has made a number of posts relating to volume bars. Try a search using his name and "volume bar".

    Personally, I use 100, 1000 and 10000 volume bars to trade the NQ. I refer to the 10K during prep to define the macro trend, but I use only the 100 and 1K during the day for my trading. There is no "equivalent" for the 3m bar since a bar can take a few seconds to several minutes to complete. What matters is the volume and the "thrust" (or the complete disinterest). PL uses multiples of 7 (343, 2301, etc), but I don't find them as useful as the multiples of ten that I mentioned above. You just have to play with it and see which bar interval provides you with clear signals (which may not be signals which are clear to anyone else).

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  4. Thanks guys. When I first searched, it was misleading that the 'why do people use odd sized tic charts' was actually the thread about Volume Bars.