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  1. Truff


    Been studying Market Profile for years and it has been a big learning curve. I started using Volume at Price analysis a few months ago using report at www.volumeatprice.com and it has been much easier. Is there a distinct advantage of using one or the other? VAP vs. MP?
    I cant post report on this site, they have strict redistribution guidelines but there are samples on the site of the research. Any comments on VAP vs MP would be appreciated.
  2. To me, all the writing I see about Profile seems to be oriented for a floor trader, I think maybe it's origin was earlier.
  3. jjrock


    Comparing market profile with volume profiles, I like the fact that a volume profiles can be put over the bar chart.

    A regular market profile graphic usually has no bar chart and is less clear to me for that reason.
  4. Truff


    I agree. Volume at price seems much clearer and seems to simplify Market Profile. It seems that it is all about identifying horizontal vs. vertical price action and identifying when one is changing from one to the other. Plus Volume at price really identifies the support and resistance areas better than anything i have ever used. I can also overlay VAP right on my candlestick charts where MP is on its own and hard to fully understand IMO.
  5. Some day you may consider dominant vs non dominant volume.

    The better visual for this is to color volume on an OTR chart.

    By doing this you can carve the turns with a leading indicator of Price.

    Also your mind can use its inference twice as efficiently. Or to put it another way; if you mind is absent the inference, the inference can be built twice as fast.
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  6. eurusdzn


    I am new to TPO and VAP. I have found a lot of educational material onTPO at the
    CME website. I havent closely looked at VAP but what I want is a sharp noticible transition from one chart value area to the next. This is often a single time print at high volume. With TPO that counts as 1.
    if it is a high volume single bar transition, will it be as obvious and well defined with VAP as it is with TPO? I am attempting to code TPO and maybe should look at VAP. Does it really differ that much?
  7. Truff


    I find VAP to much more useful because it overlays on your normal charts like a heat map and clearly identifies areas of high volume accumulation which act as key support and resistance. it also clearly identifies trending and rotational market price action which is the cornerstone of Market profile. I had been experimenting with VAP for a while, looking for a timing tool around key VAP areas but hadnt found what i was looking for until i started using the www.volumeatprice.com reports which have helped greatly. When price seems to move from areas of high volume to areas of low accumulation of volume, price seems to move quickly therefore eliminating the need for a timing tool. the timing is price movement from high volume accumulation to low volume accumulation or visa versa.
  8. jjrock


    The longer the time frame, the more VAP and MP resemble eachother. The thing I like about VAP is that it's more useful at the lower time frames. MP is default for 30 min TPO's on my eSignal.
  9. Truff


    Agree, VAP is much more flexible on shorter time frames. You can keep it static or adjust to look at a certain amount of bars. I have been using these VAP dynamic tools from TASmarketprofile.com that are excellent for timing on the shorter time frames using the research info from volumeatprice.com. Since i have been using this stuff my trading has become much clearer and profitable. i was never able to understand or make work traditional market profile.