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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by paulus, Jul 31, 2003.

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    how do you use exactly volume as an indicator when trading ES ?
    what is it that you look for when using last price, inside bid & ask, market depth, the volume bars on charts etc ...
    how is volume leading price ? etc ...


  2. Hi paulus, there a lots of ways to use volume as an indicator.
    I use it to give me a bias, rather than to trigger a trade. My trading methods are all price-based. Anyway, to the point: attached is the last 8 trading days of the ES on a 10-min chart. Notice how about 5 days ago, price started creeping up while the on-balance volume (OBV) kept creeping down. In other words a divergence between price and obv developed.

    Sorry it's so dim, obv is the faint green line on the bottom.

    After this morning's rally I aggressively took every short my methods had to offer. The first one broke even, but I smacked the second one down like a bad dawg.

    Sometimes you will see obv break a trend line before price does. In that way it is sometimes a leading indicator. But again, price is king, I never let volume trigger a trade.

    It makes sense as an indicator to me because it is a separate piece of information, unlike price based indicators which seem to serve as guides to point out particular price patterns.
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    Volume profile and market profile.

    Combine both time and volume as indications of support and resistance.
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    nice post peterfigliozzi !

    could you explain that to me JT47319;

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    Volume indicates level of urgency. On a healthy bull move volume fluctuations correlate to price fluctuations. In a bear move the correlation is opposite.
    I consider a move where thee volume does not fluctuate markedly to be drifting up or drifting down and I would not want to be part of it. I would also take profits on positions if volume actiomn does notconfirm price action.
  7. appears there is another OBV divergence on the 10 min NQ chart.
    This time price made a low equal to the last, but the obv made a higher low. This to me means the selloff this afternoon was light-handed.

    Thus i'll be especially aggressive with longs tommorow. e.g. pullbacks on the 1 min chart, 3 bar pivots, etc.
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    interesting post peterfigliozzi;
    i will certainly incorporate 'divergence-technique' into my trading

  9. An interesting feature of NeoTicker...you can display the volume of up/down ticks per time period. Many times the price bar is up, but the downtick volume is greater than uptick...a great "caution" indicator.