Volt, 40K car! False economy.

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  1. GTS


    I think it would make more sense for him to be chauffeured...waste of his time to drive himself around unless he enjoys it....I googled for him and various sites say he actually drives a Caddy DTS that he bought to show support for GM, which is a quite a bit nicer than a cheap pickup truck but still.
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  2. Bob111


    100% agree. at level he should hire chauffeur. on other hand-i have no idea how often he drives and where. maybe he have to fly frequently to different locations and it's maybe inconvenient for him to have chauffeur. or maybe he just drive few miles a week-in this case it's probably also doesn't make any sense to have one
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  3. The volt is supposed to be bigger and more upscale than the corolla.

    You are comparing (rotten) apples to (premium) oranges.
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