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  1. four day weekend, how smooth will it go ?
  2. I guess only you and I are glued to the VIX:D I was away from news/computer for the fed but somewhat suprised to see the plummenting of the VIX when I got home. Looking at the spx and the Jul/Aug IV's my guess is we are going to see little volatility in the next couple of weeks and few if any major down days. I think most institutions and money are worn out and will welcome some calm seas!
  3. Hope you are wrong. Just when it was getting fun...VIX at 13 sucks. Should bump up a bit on Wednesday.

  4. Is the market closed on Monday? I thought it was only closed on Tuesday?

  5. How about vix at 10 or 11:p I'd welcome THAT!!! But I'm sure your right, should be more action on Wednesday, however if today is any indication Wed may be an up day:eek: Today is watching paint dry..what are we going to do for 4 long (non trading) days? I'm of course not including Mon which should be much like today:( I might actually have to get out of the dungen and have some fun:D
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    My model predicts an average of 15.4% for the SPX over the next 14 trading sessions.

  7. why , earning season ?
  8. that's 390 bips higher than the July ATM's are currently trading. Should we get the $$ from under the mattress's and buy vol here, palms IN, if you will?
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    how is this calculated?

    vxo I'd back under its 200 ma but I'm sure algorithm is more complicated.

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