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  1. if volatility kicks back in to the downside, would you say it is generally better (more aggressive/more $ to be made, etc) to buy puts than to sell short calls?
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  2. I don't like buying options, if vix spikes then the juice is usually too much to cover buying them
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  4. The funny thing about money is you always feel like you need more
    even when you have enough,
    you never have enough
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  5. Not my case, it's all in the head.
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  7. Fear is like fire. If you make it work for you, then it can cook your food, keep you warm and give you light in the dark. But if you let it go out of control, it can burn your house down.
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  8. The sky is falling!!

    Since thatapus closed their thread I'll keep it going here

    Healthy gap fill from August on SPX and tagging bottom of the channel

    Shorted oct 280 spy puts for average of 1.99

    Once elections are over SPX will trade above 3050.

    Cover destro cover !!
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  9. destriero


    Voluptuous posts this "trade" at ESZ8 2843

    ES at 2792 when SPX cash closes.

    He takes another 20 point beating AH as ES is at 2772 as I type this.

    @volente_00 loses 71 points in less than four hours.

    SPY puts? 5.26 last trade. 65D, so they are worth 6.50-6.60 now. Dude marked to a loss of over a TRIPLE.

    GOOD CALL, BRO! I bet your phone is ringing off the hook with offers!
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    I shorted via SPX and SPY put diagonals at SPX 2888+. I netted the SPY diagonals via the call synthetic (tax-deferral) at 2836 basis SPX cash. I netted the SPY diagonals at a gain of +24.8%. I am up 30% on my SPX diagonals which remain open.

    2888 to 2765 (ES equivalent).


    I took 50 points in heat but lowered my DCA on the diagonals. I am up well over 2X risk and Volente loses 3x the ATR in a day.

    Time for a new nick, Boss!
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