Volente's Bar and Grill

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  1. emg


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  2. DEMTDAYBOYZR$ Free green mojitos all night long
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  3. arrancate wey!
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  5. BSAM


    Vol....Hmmm...(Excuse me....sipping on this vanilla Dr. Pepper.)...
    Vol...We all know that you are da man with the magic 8 ball.
    So, what's it gonna be tomorrow (Friday)?
    You think we are looking a bit "toppy"?
    Or, is Mr. Market just trying to throw a head fake?

    Is it too late to order some onion rings?
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  6. 4 days of distribution with a gap below

    I may be drunk but I am sure the hell not buying

    5 minute descending triangle throwing out 1184 es

    daily charts screaming short term top and retest of 52 es gap fill with 50% around 1143

    working on installing a stripper pole for the bottomless mojitos
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  7. saw it but did not trade it

    anyone want to guess where the ihs plays out to ?


    moving stop to 1221

    may have to start charging a cover charge
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  8. emg


    Buenos días


    I'll be having, Huevos rancheros

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  9. Mokele's droppings for me. And a pint of lager.
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  10. Hooti


    50% retrace from 1373.5 to 1068 is right there too...

    as good a turning point as any!

    would breakfast come with a cover charge?
    either way, I think I'd better stop trading and go eat!
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