Volente's Bar and Grill

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  1. Welcome to the bar and grill
    Enjoy the bottomless mojitos and feel free to post any trades or commentary related to ES, SPY or SPX.
  2. I'm bearish for a retest of 1100-1120 from 1192-1210 area

    Currently short from 1190 and will add at 1200 and 1210 if we get there

    Stop is 1220
  3. why in chat?
  4. Because alcohol and video posting is prohibited in the journal section
  5. BSAM


    What are the hours for your establishment?
    Will people be allowed to post after 2 a.m.?
    Do you provide security in the parking lot?
  6. Does "bottomless mojito" refer to a senorita?

    Count me in! :D
  7. .... the end of ES journal ... nice

    : 0 )
  8. AHAAAAAA....!!!

  9. BSAM


    Hey Vol, pass me another Sprite.
    After today's price action, what do you envision for Wednesday?

  10. 24/7 underground open bar

    concealed carry is welcome here
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