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Discussion in 'Journals' started by Buy1Sell2, Apr 21, 2006.

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  1. Buy1Sell2


    I have decided to take volente 00 off of ignore for a bit. As some of you may know, i had to invoke the ignore feature on him due to the fact that he was overlapping S&P calls. In other words, it was my belief that he would make one call and then before it had time to play out, he would make another call without there being any resolution to the previous call. Then, he was claiming that the previous call was right, when it was neither right nor wrong. Now, this will all be in good natured fun, as I like volente 00 and enjoy his posts in general. What we will do here is have a place for him to come to and make calls (not intraday calls ) and it will be easier to keep track of instead of going back to find old threads. Three rules will apply:

    1. No foul language of any kind including foreign languages and animal noises

    2. No personal attacks. Back and forth discussion and argument allowed and encouraged,but personal attacks are not.

    3. You may make your own call , but only after outlining your reasons for his call being incorrect.

    Any deviation from the rules will be met with an attempt by myself to have the moderator delete the post in it's entirety. I have no control over the moderator. Hopefully a moderator could chime in and agree to remove these types of posts!Let's have good fun with this.

    Good luck here volente 00!
  2. funny how you set this thread up just for volente00

    I think i'm going to set one up for Warren Buffet
  3. I think Volente is a big boy and can set a thread up on his own :D

    Any reason you doing this for him lol....
  4. bitrend


    I believe almost every trader have their idol. Like my idol is Larry Livingstone and volente is the idol for Buy1Sell2. LOL.

  5. Volente has been known from the ym board to always change his trades depending on the direction of the market. He had his 20 pt stop bs and many times when it took it out and the market reversed he'd magically still be long ignoring his rules. Then when the market would tank and keep tanking he'd of course be stopped out.But in reality why anyone believes anyone on this board is beyone me
  6. romik


    real-time calls and stops normally would provide reasonable proof to a poster's claims. Common sense will prevail, if one can identify it.
  7. Buy1Sell2


  8. Vocente OO is the prez of ET's moron society, I'll go ahead and nominate BUY1 as his personal secretary. Volara oo is a perma bull who is quiet as a church mouse on down days, and when the market is up he's the only guy who saw it coming. Even if your idea for this thread was valid, no one would post because of your boring rules. Let vincente 00 make his calls, and let us throw rocks , garbage, and rotten tomatoes.

    ...Rennick out :mad:
  9. hmmmm this gives me an idea. I will start a thread only for ET members who's name is in some way related to a bird.

    I will call it the Avery Alliance.

    We birds will discuss the mkts and such. Anyone who wants to join our guild but doesnt have a bird name, must be voted in. And anyone that is part of the guild will have proctection from the members.

    I think thats a capital idea!!

    But alas...... who will be our leader?:( Rubberbird is no longer here. :(
  10. Wow, you started a thread just for me. My last call still stands. I will let it play out to keep you happy, and will make no more short term bottom calls until cash sees 1334.
    #10     Apr 21, 2006
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