Volcano linked to second coming of Christ,

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  1. anybody notice which group the nuttiest of the nutters belongs to?

    Irish spiritual healer Joe Coleman says the Virgin Mary has been back in touch with him and revealed that the volcanic ash cloud currently covering Europe will get worse and is directly related to the second coming of Christ.

    Coleman claims that the ash cloud is part of a series of events that will occur before Mary’s next scheduled visit to Knock on May 11 at 2 p.m. local time.
  2. The bible clearly tells us that no one knows when that day is so you can be sure that anyone that ever tells you when its coming is a liar, or at the very least someone who read revelations that tells us that there will be many earthquakes and natural disasters in the last days, but decided to ignore the part about it telling us that nobody knows the exact day.
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    They might get a lucky guess. ; )
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    We should start a pool everyone gets one pick, everyone throw in 20 bucks, winner gets the pool money...... wait a minute that wont work. :) No one is allowed to pick December 21/2012
  5. but the Virgin Mary talked to him. since you do not require physical evidence for what you believe, only testimonial evidence,how do you judge if what he says is true or not?

    many of the bible characters base their writings on messages they claim came to them in a dream. why do you accept what they write as truth but you reject what this guy claims?
  6. Only God knows the day and the hour. This is in the bible. The virgin mary does not know. Therefore, we can conclude 3 things. The man is lying. The Virgin Mary is lying. An evil spirit took the form of the Virgin Mary and lied to the man in a hope to discredit the bible when the said day comes and goes.
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    Good points.:cool:
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    A preterist would disagree with you and the gent who thinks it a sign. I'm thinking an A-millennialist would also disagree.

    So who's right and who's wrong? What's the best, most defensible position to take?
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    Why are these people so eager for the second coming. I read some of that book and it sounds bad. The thing says everyone will starve, war disease. Weird alien animals will come and peck everyone eyes out, who knows. That's the wrong answer. These people get on their knees and pray for that, and if it did happen, they'd love it and say thank you while they roasted. "Oh yes, starve me, kill me and my friends, I love it, thank you thank you, teach me some more. I love it" F all that noise.

    I was watching star trek years ago, cause I'm a dork. And someone was talking to a Klingon about God, this and that. So this Klingon is like "Yea I dunno, we Klingons killed our gods a long time ago." That's what I'm talking about. Nietzsche said we killed ours, not yet it seems.

    Watched some Haitians on tv say they haven't lost faith, they deserved it. No, you did not deserve it. Build better structures, learn from that mess. No one deserves that.

    Btw, spell check works for Klingon. Awesome.

  10. Spell check works for Klingon but not Obama, unless 0bama is spelled with a zero. Awesome.
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