Volatoilety Replaced by Tradeavolity

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  1. It is deeply embarrassing to me as ET's premier technical analyst to have to withdraw an Undicator I worked so long to develop (10 minutes). But I received too many PMs (Pissy Messages) from SCT traders who said they simply could not use it. The typical plaint was "I expect an Undicator to have a high value when I should trade and a low value when I shouldn't!" I tried patiently to explain that decreasing values corresponded to decreasing uncertainty, but it appears that few SCT traders are old enough to have read Mamis (if, indeed, they read the classics at all). So I took the absolute value of Volatoilety-1 and named the new Undicator as Tradeavolity. Now increasing values indicate that you should trade, and correspond to increasing certainty. My apologies to all my SCT friends, whom I know are counting on me to simplify the method so that any ETer, no matter how doltish, can trade it with confidence.
  2. Joe - I beg to differ but if you really were ET's premier technical analyst, you'd know that the "P,V boolean relation" is the very bedrock of TA... and all of your work, indicators and teachings would build on it.

    I've attached Jack Hershey's landmark paper, "Catch Up with Tomorrow’s Paper Today," (adobe llamingos publishing) in which he describes the "P,V boolean relation" and how to score it. May I humbly suggest that you study this? Because as the captain said in Cool Hand Luke, your "mind ain't right."

    P.S. I don't know about you, but I can use tomorrow's paper today!
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    Do you have any drills to accompany this indicator? We want more drills.
  4. Thank you for asking, Doli. Attached is a quasi-stoplight Tradeavolity chart for today's ES. Please understand that I am not showing you the good stuff. I will be finished in another ten minutes. If it takes me more than 30 minutes to develop a new Undicator, it can't be very reliable. Plus, a static display does not do it justice. It is much more impressive running in real time and watching the current bar's Tradeavolity evolve. Of course, in my own practice I run it on a one minute chart, because I am a little quicker witted than the SCT crowd. SCT was designed by a septuagenarian for septuagenarians. I myself am an aquarian. I should add that you could run this on an abacus because it takes only 12 lines of EasySignal code.
  5. LOL, that explains EVERYTHING! :p
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    Could you explain again exactly what this indicator shows? I see little relation between the indicator and price movement, but I'm probably just missing something. Thanks.
  7. Atonix, please see the thread on the improved derivative Undicator called Volatrendity in this forum. If it is still not clear to you, I will explain. Sorry for the confusion.
  8. It won't work... way too simple, NOT 100% subjective, no byzantine catechism and worst of all, no 3-ring binders. What kind of guru are you anyway?

  9. But you notice that I DO keep changing the method in response to criticism!
  10. You are truly reprehensible... what is wrong with my VolaTurdity Indicator...

    This indicator was sincerely derived and developed from a deep need to understand the crap and BS that happens on the NYSE Floor and in the market...

    How many time have your heard traders say... "What the Sh**t is this crap... "

    bingo... the best Undicator was born...

    but maybe Doakie is only pro SCT...

    VolaTurdity has never failed me... and it works especially well for the stock IBM and other Tech Stocks too...

    Are you an Undicatorist..
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