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  1. ...the purpose of this thread is to pinpoint within a day or two...
    ... when the big move is coming... whether it be up or down is not important
    ... only charts shall be used. nothing else.

    ... if you want to post analysis which is not charts only, do it somewhere else
  2. ... expecting a big move on euro

    either today or tomorrow
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  4. wrb
    you already hijacked the first thread.

    keep it limited to charts only or don't post at all.. thanks.

  5. ?......pretty colors, pretty stripes. :confused:
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    the stripes were volatile big moves, they represent gaps, will the return to that area be a high ly volatille market ,it's a serious question from an unenlightened observer
  8. I see very nice. So you are using spread as volatility guide and then tagging that as an area for support in a trending environment?

    Are you engaging volume in the spread analysis?
  9. I am trying to learn. Do you mind posting just a little commentary on your charting efforts to help me understand your thought processes.

    Thanks love the charts. I'll post some once I get the gist figured out to help contribute.
  10. ...result so far

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