Volatility trading

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  1. Buying some TASR 7.5 JAN Calls
  2. Taking some profit here on the TASRE calls as they are up 150% today
  3. Taking some more profit here as the TASRE calls are up 200%
  4. Is that a volatility play or did you just go long the stock?
  5. Well, I think we all know he was trading deltas/vol, but I see your point. This really belongs in the directional options thread, or start a journal.

    These one liner long call/put trades really don't qualify as a vol-trade; there is no mention of hedging ancillaries and somewhat pointless taken in the titled-context.
  6. It's amazing how almost all threads replying to a post where someone has success has a negative tone.

    I'll continue posting here under volatility trading because my trades are usually in excess of 50% gain.

  7. I'm not suprised you're amazed, and my tone wasn't negative. Your gains of 50% have very little to do with option volatility. That's the point. Congrats on the TASR winner.
  8. Huh... since you mentioned it. I don't see how you could be up 200% on TASRE calls considering the stock has done nothing[but go down] since you mentioned the trade. Today is the first uptick in a week.
  9. TASRE Jan 7.5 call. Feb and back months have a similar chart. In fact, vols have declined slightly until today's move.
  10. I'm looking at the exact same chart and can't comprehend how you don't see a 200% gain today.

    Yesterday it closed at .10 --- today it's a .3

    that's 300%

    Any questions?
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