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    Hi all

    This daily strategy was made to trade the VXX ETN or the CFD, soon it will be changed to VXXB. It has an average annual return [since 2009] of 19% and 99% winning trades. It averages two signals per week.

    We created our webpage in 2017, but we have been using this strategy since 2012 for ourselves.

    Our priority is not to make astonishing returns, it is to minimize drawdowns making gently returns month after month. It is a daily strategy and each day at the end of the session our subscribers receive an email telling them what to do (Buy, Sell or None). Also, it can be seen inside our website at the customer account.

    We offer till February 28, 2019 a lifetime 20% discount code for the users of this forum. “ETJF19” without quotes.

    Check our website to see how it works, the strategy returns, or for more info at…


  2. lindq


    You are claiming actual results of 99% winning trades on VXX with a max drawdown of 1%?


    Your website, for example, shows a backtested drawdown of over 20%. On what planet is that 1%?
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    Hello lindq

    Thank you for your interest in our strategy. Answering your question…

    The Max Close to Close Drawdown is 1%. While the position was still open, the strategy in ten years had a Max Drawdown over 20%. It is normal to expect drawdowns before to close any entry, Murphy’s Law.

    As we said it is 99% profitable, if you want to know why you can check it in the following link…


    Please do not hesitate to contact us in case of any further inquiries.

  4. EsKiller


    Sell the strategy right when you think the strategy is no longer profitable due to changes in sentiment and volatility. Good idea OP.
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  5. lindq


    I would recommend that the OP get an attorney to review his site before marketing further to U.S. clients. There are a number of questionable claims and issues.
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    Hello EsKiller

    Changes in sentiment and volatility happened in the past, happen now and will happen in the future. As users of our own strategy since 2012, we think that it is going to be profitable, that why we offer it.

  7. Shorting into a downtrending instrument will produce lots of winners. Just short after very high RSI, and hang on! But I suspect there are lots of dangers with this...;)

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    Hello lindq

    We will check it. Thanks in advance.

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    Hello Option_Attack

    Trading in any market is risky. That is why it is great to have a robust strategy to tell you when to enter and close.

  10. Overnight


    Thanks for clarifying that in your "blog".
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