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  1. ...the purpose of this thread is to pinpoint within a day or two...
    ... when the big move is coming... whether it be up or down is not important

    .. using only the chart.
    .. no talk.. just the chart..

    .... if you have an opinion about volatility or the market itself... don't post here to voice it

    ... this thread is only for charts.
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    Feb 22nd Monday - Feb 26th Friday

    Pin pointing price area for next week that will have a change in volatility as in volatility spike or strong directional price movement via contraction / expansion...direction of price not important unless you plan on trading it.

    Chart of Eurofx 6E futures but applicable for Forex Currency EurUsd. Also, applicable for the U.S. Dollar (inverse price action).

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    Energy Oil Exchange Traded Fund XLE