Volatility Term Structure

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  1. Is the vol term structure for indexes almost always lower IV for front months and higher for back months (barring rare events i.e. flash crash)?

    While I know volatility is higher in an expiration cycle where there are earnings for a stock, is it almost always true that front month IV < back month IV? If that is the case it appears that you would almost always be at a distinct disadvantage trading calendars given the negative horizontal vol skew.

    Thoughts? :)
  2. 1) Yes....until the "rare event" occurs which can then invert the skew. :eek:
    2) Markets can be trendier when the term structure is positively-sloped and more mean-reverting after it turns negative. :cool:
  3. It works like a moving averages for stocks , just in opposite direction for VIX
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    Not necessarily because there are multiple influences on price. For ex, the near month decays faster and if both months have a similar increase in IV, the far month's price will gain more.
  5. Ask "the quants" in 2008...