Volatility has moved out of equities and into currencies

Discussion in 'Economics' started by RiceRocket, Dec 18, 2008.

  1. The significance of the dollar's decline is a good sign in my opinion. The de-leveraging, and flight to safety trade is over. The fed has pushed investment funds back out into the markets by making dollars expensive to hold. The first sign is that banks are moving funds into overseas markets, which manifests in the weak dollar. It's the new carry trade to replace the Yen. This is the opposite of what we saw in late August-November.

    The movement in the currency markets will be very quickly followed by a massive rally in the equities market.

    Banks have made a killing in the quantitative easing in the treasuries. All that fresh cash is being supported with the new rate cut to 0. Now, banks have nothing to do but lend or invest as quickly as possible.