Volatility-Based Stop Loss for Trading ES / YM

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  1. Mike -- read Tharp (5), LeBeau (>10), Chande (4), Stridsman (>10), Elder (2). Numbers in parens are the approximate numbers of book/reports/publications that each person has authored related to this subject. But, no need to read all this. Backtesting will prove this....
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  2. Thanks for the feedback....but tharp et al don't pass muster for me. You know what they say, those who can trade....trade, those who can't...well...write books. I am speaking tongue in cheek :), but the truth is I have never had a strategy learned out of one of my hundreds of trading books make me any real money.
    (I do have a very expensive collection of books:))

    My realtime trading, not theoretical curve fitted results, have shown that my current strategies work the best( I do spend many hours studying my losing trades in an effort to create a strategy for either improving the trade, or minimizing the loss). I will continue to follow this thread.

    Good trading!

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    Not much interest in this subject ... Too bad :(
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  4. Perhaps you are waiting for something more concrete....:D
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    I'm interested in exits ideas. I searched the ET site for it, but I couldn't find much.
    Would you recommend any thread? Thanks.
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