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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by conpax, Jan 18, 2013.

  1. conpax


    Long time lurker first time poster lol

    Is there a provider out there that can give me alerts on what instrument is moving at any given time?

    ie. ALERT: XXX.LSE has moved 2xATR in the last 30 minutes
    ALERT: GOOG.xxx has moved 1xATR in the last 5 minutes

    etc etc

    I think i recall seeing somthing a while ago but cant remember.

    Volatility = $ for most small traders so this would seem to be a pretty popular tool no?

  2. Ninja trader can be programmed to give alerts
  3. wrbtrader


    I know Trade-Ideas has volatility scan alerts and that may be the website you saw in the past. Also, I think they are sponsors here at ET or at least use to be in the past. Yet, I think they are exclusive to stocks only. Thus, they may not even be following other types of trading instruments that will be the most volatile movement in X amount of duration (e.g. 5mins, 15mins, 1hr, 1day or 1week). Those other trading instruments could be futures and forex.

    You're best bet is too just find a software and program it yourself to custom volatility scans you prefer.

    Any ways, you can contact Trade-Ideas @ http://www.trade-ideas.com

    By the way, volatility scans for small traders is NOT a popular tool mainly due to the stigma of traders believing volatility is a tool that's only associated with options. Just the same, many traders that want to use a volatility scan or volatility base trading method will only do such via one specific group of trading instrument while avoiding other type of groups of trading instrument that may have better volatility movements.

    For example, a stock trader into volatility scans may ignore futures and forex trading instruments that may be having better volatility base movements.
  4. conpax


    Trade ideas - now i remember, they only do US and Canada. That service is exactly what i had in mind though.

    Any ideas for Europe and Asia stock exchanges, as well as FX and futures?
  5. wrbtrader


    You'll have to use a software (e.g. TradeStation and others) to design your own volatility scans for FX or futures assuming you're talking about intraday scans and not daily or weekly scans.
  6. You can find this functionality by learning a bit about your software platform.

    If it has basic coding capabilities I'm sure something can be designed to meet your goals.

    Best of luck.
  7. conpax


    Thats what im now looking at. I think I have to set up a real time data feed and a software that can interrogate that data with some code.

    A bit more cumbersome and quite a bit more expensive than the Trade Ideas but i think thats my only option.

    I use a CFD provider that only has very limited user coding functionality so I cant use them.

    If anyone knows of a broker that i can use that has this type of functionality available on their platform that may be the cheapest way - set up an account and use their platform and pay for the data feeds. Anyone use this type of screening with their brokerage for Europe and Asia stocks?
  8. Pachira


    Which CFD provider are you currently using?

    You can set up the alert type you need via the Capital Spreads platform - and no coding required. Let me know if you need any help setting up the alert, I have similar running.