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  1. A question for the tech savvy guys out there: Is there an application I can run on my computer at the office where I can log in and be able to listen to what is going on in the room and at the same time be able to talk back over IP?

    I will be travelling quite a bit soon and will be trading remotely over the internet. I would like to listen in to the conversation as the traders mention various levels or unusual movement in their traded products. I would also like to be able to answer back and provide levels for the group as well. I can connect a microphone and the speakers to have this conversation.

    Is there software that can do this?
  2. Thanks easyguru,

    This looks like a Paltalk type deal where I have to subscribe. I prefer to have a Netmeeting type of application that is stable and a one-time pay deal. Maybe a server app that runs on the machine in the office and I can log in and it would just give me a feed.

    Can you think of something like that?
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    Are all of the traders clustered together within limited range of each other?

    Are you wanting it to be similar to conference call in a small conference room with open keyed up microphone with one open speaker set?

    Or will all of the traders be using headsets on the computer for the group event and you just joining remotely or will each trader have a mic with speakers instead of headset?

    If on headsets how many traders are we talking about?

    You generally describe what you looking for in your first post but I asking for a little more detail. Depending on the answers I can think of one or possibly two solutions.

    Good luck and good trading.
  4. It is one time use 5 people for 9.95 for one day.
  5. Great questions.

    It will be an open mic and speaker set in the room. No headsets in the room. It is not a big room, so I can hear everything over the speaker phone without a problem. I want to do this over IP, however. I do this over a regular phone line now, but it is pretty costly. I will be wearing a headset on my end to my second remote trading machine which will also run CQG.

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. I need the solution to be something I would have to log into to get the voice feed.

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    I use skype every day when talking to traders all over the world. Crystal clear UK > US with no lag... and best of all - calls are free!
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    it works like an internet phone... so you call in remotely and someone will need to click at the receiving end to pickup the call. you could then leave it running indefinately I guess.

    It may be possible to setup a macro to pick the call up when skype starts ringing but I have never had to do something like that.
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