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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Cre8UrF8, Nov 26, 2005.

  1. Has anyone tried using a wifi enabled pocket pc like a Dell Axim, HP ipaq, or a Treo as a cell phone thru VOIP? You can use vonage for your home, and its softphone on your pocket pc. Or use Verizon's wireless broadband data, but not their phone network. I have been paying for both wireless data and phone service for almost 3 years now, but the phone service fee seems kinda redundant now with voip and wifi. I am thinking about no longer paying for wireless phone service, just data?

  2. yeah, i have a treo650 and samsung i500 with the vonage voip softphone set up---- i find it difficult and unyieldy perfering sprints high minute plans and unlimited data to the voip set up.

    however, i am VERY happy with vonage on my home/office lines. saving a ton of money!

  3. Joe


    Market, I've got the 650 but can't get wifi, how are you pulling this off?

  4. hey joe,

    now i understand the question. i am on the sprint network and have their unlimited data plan called vision. i am accessing the internet via the cell network, not via wifi. hope this helps.

  5. Hello
    I installed Skype on my Qtek-2020 with a Sandisk Wifi card. hmm It worked but the quality wasn´t good enough. I think yet another year will pass before this will work in real-life