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    i have a mathematical equation for timing the 60 minute e-mini s&p that i do by hand but i was wondering if there is a software that i could use by voice command that could handle the math and project future hours where a change should occur (i am not literate in programming) to give my input . thanks
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    thanks, i'll look into that . i just wonder how deep of math it can do ?
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    Well, I was mostly joking but it could be achievable with a bit of effort. Why does this have to be voice command triggered?
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    i dont have any programming skill. my model is math based and i want to see if taking multiple pivots and using my formula will give better timing turns and also if the software can then identify better pivots to calculate from. example is: if we have 60 minute low on december 28th at 9:30 am cdt and a high on january 12th at 2:30 pm using my calculation i know the next pivot will be a low but how significant ? or the secondary pivot low that occurred on december 27th at 4:30 am may be the low to calculate from and not the 28th low . i want to be able to create a visual graph to see how this would look and AI software that can do the work for me and projections .
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    Sorry, but you have yet to give a good reason as to why you want to use voice commands instead of typing the input. Also you have now introduced AI into the mix, with no indication of what you want the AI software to do. No disrespect intended but I think that you somehow want software to magically perform a series of steps that you yourself have not quite figured out.
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    What you describe would be a good bit of custom development. What is your budget?
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    Pretty much.

    AI is not quite at the point where it will do programming for you yet even if it's getting closer.
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    What's wrong with Excel? Can you really rattle off a formula by voice faster than you could have typed it into Excel and just changed the inputs?
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