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    I am part of a group of traders that meet everyday on Yahoo, using the voice chat. We have been at it for a couple of years and are trying to get to the next level but am having trouble figuring it out. Heres the rub. We would like to be able to be able to put both a level 2 and a chart into a voice chat so we could all view a trade in progress. I am certain yahoo cant do it but does anyone know a good program to run it?.........Btw we trade mostly Nasdaq if anyone is interested in joining our group we have a few spots..........
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    hmmm I don't think that's possible. I think may need some permutation of gotomeeting or some screen shot progra or use another for voice. which nazzy's do u guys trade mostly? :)
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    a day like today...aapl, sndk, rmbs, brcm.......actives...not crazy high volume guys....but good profitable traders...
  4. JM64, you need someone to configure ftp on your server and then you can share charts. Add ventrillo and you can chat live.

    I don't know how to do it, but I'm in a small private room where one of the traders was a programmer and it took him 5 minutes to set it up.

    He said it usually cames free with web space.
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    thanks for that info and since i dont know how to do it either ill pass your post to our in chat programmer.......
  6. Netmeeting or Hotcomm can do it.....

  7. There are lots (well over a hundred) of software programs that allows voice chat, video conferencing and image view sharing (sometimes called whiteboard).

    They are sometimes called virtual offices and the better ones will cost a pretty penny due to their true realtime collaboration.

    Use Google search engine and within an hour or so...you'll probably write down the names of about +100 software or virtual offices.

    Search words like...

    * Web Conferencing

    * Realtime Conferencing

    * Virtual Offices

    Some have free trials or demos to help you decide which is best for your needs.

    Just make sure all those in your group purchase the same software and have a computer that's able use the software properly without little performance lag.

    More importantly, I don't recommend such to be done on the same computer your broker trade execution platform is on.

    Simply, your going to need two computers...one for trading and the other for your realtime collaboration.

    If you do need to share the view of an actual trade in progress of your trade execution platform with all members of your group...

    Just be aware there's going to be a good lag unless you have top computers designed for such...much more than the system requirements on the software.

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    JM64, If one person is doing the hosting or is the main one doing the displaying of charts then use can use a service that I have used. for realtime chart display.


    Select the personal glance option. Then I use ventrilo for the voice portion which you can continue to use yahoo for.

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    You may want to check out Personal Stock Streamer at http://www.personalstockstreamer.com. It's a technical analysis charting app that includes a comprehensive portfolio manager and uses prophet.net for a data backend.

    It now includes the CollabInvest network which allows you to collaborate in realtime using shared streaming charts with technical indicators which all members of a chat can see and annotate.

    More information at http://www.collabinvest.net.

    Screenshots at: http://www.collabinvest.net/screenshots.html