Voice chat during the day?

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  1. rin4et


    Any full time day traders that trade stocks interested in having a voice chat during the day I.e market hours? To reiterate I am only interested in someone that trades stocks and does it full time.
    PM me if there is someone out there that is interested.
    The mutual benefits to it are as follows :
    1) It will give us an opportunity to think out loud. I think that will improve our trading.
    2) The ability to talk with each other will keep us alert and focused on the market. Trading is a lonely affair. It is nice to be able to talk to someone about market action / ideas while trading.
    3) We will have our hands free which is convenient for placing orders and flipping thru charts. Text chat is inefficient.
    4) We can share ideas in real time while the market is unfolding.
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  2. truetype


    Baron used to have a chat feature on ET. You might ask him to re-enable it.
  3. Trading is truly a solo game and endeavor -- I don't see any benefit or purpose to talking to someone during normal business trading hours.

    If anything, it's only truly distracting. and annoying. Would just personally drive me nuts.
    That's like asking someone to tag along with you with your map to the gold mine...so you don't get bored and lonely along the way.

    Listen to music, read a book, stretch, move around, exercise, pet a dog....do whatever you need to do to not get bored and sleepy during trading hours.

    You have to be calm and patient and mature and introspective to be a good trader. If you don't have those traits, get them or improve on them.
    Slow as a sloth, yet as quick and cunning as a fox -- with the horizon viewpoint of a bird.
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  4. AndrewG


    I'm not sure about trading stocks, but as a futures trader, having the ability to talk/chat vocalize ideas with others during the day is beneficial. Having worked 12 years on a trading desk and the last 6 in my home office, I can say with confidence, the trading floor environment is missed dearly.

    I find it's not only the trading chat that is missed, but the normal "water cooler" banter that would take your mind off a losing trader, or missed opportunity.

    I think the key is to find the right "group" of traders for you. Not all will fit into your style.

    Good luck.
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    it just happens that the humans are the social animals and when dropped voluntarily or by circumstances in the filed of trading they suddenly found themselves in the very foreign place called solitude

    yesterday there were people around, meetings, trips to work, requests for the info, phone calls, salaries, ...and then suddenly there is nothing...nothing at all... , no fame, no money, and no future :)...

    "how strange are realities as opposed to illusion" (c)

    it takes some character and time to overcome that
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  6. Actually, trading with someone(s) that have a clue is very beneficial.

    Problem is, 99.9999999999999999999 % of you are dingleberries
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  7. just21


    Google co-working in the location you live. I found a place within walking distance so I am getting exercise as well. Then let other traders know where you are. If there is no co-working where you are then set one up. www.wework.com have a 30% margin. It is just desks, chairs and WiFi, a very simple and profitable business model.
  8. toc


    I was wondering how would trading performance change if say atleast two minds are working on trading.

    Also, your mention about trading desks for 12 years...........what are the annual returns of the institutional traders. While them handling major to mega accounts can cause different performance than retail traders, but it would still be good know how the big pros perform given they have access to more tools and research.
  9. Overnight


    That's kinda' shitty. Get it? HAHHAHA!

    P.S. You have 3 too many 9s there. It is only 99.9999999999999999% of us. Geez, you suck at maths. Slacker!
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  10. I agree - for futures, not stock trading.

    From your post I gather that you haven't found one or more people to mutually bounce things off of?

    I haven't yet either, but then again futures traders are kind of 'different'. ;-)
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