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Discussion in 'Trading' started by TG, Nov 19, 2002.

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    Is there any way to trade with spoken commands as opposed to the usual, typing in order info. I guess I'm asking if anyone is aware of any software that will facilitate this action.
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    I like hot keys better...

    Look, say you're talking on the phone and you while you're talking to your friend, the computer picks it up and puts orders in...

    Also, buy the time I say "Buy", I can push a key at least 5 times.
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  8. i looked into this briefly last year. even if you could combine voice w/keystrokes you could save time. but for some reason, voice technology just wasn't there. confilicts with various software programs can exist when using a generic voice ap. A trading platform that had voice recognition built in would be a better approach.

    Don't know why none of the trading software rock stars haven't rolled out such bells and whisltes yet.
  9. Some people are impolite because they are bored 14 year olds who come on here just to post insults.

    This forum is here for newbies as much as experienced traders. If someone asks a question like this thread's, and maybe they could have found an answer by spending a few hours going through results from a search engine, but not only can they get a quicker and informed response about systems that other users have actually found to be worthwhile, but by having the question and answers posted publicly it helps the rest of us. Many of us who would never have even thought of the question suddenly are able to start thinking about the possible uses of the idea.
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