vodka drinkers.. :-)

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  1. to you vodka drinkers... what's your favorite brand? My favorite is Stolichnaya. Good ole russian vodka :) I heard Grey Goose and Belvedere are good as well, but for someone who can slam a fifth in a night... those bottles are a bit too expensive for me.

    Guess what??? It's Friday, and I got two bottles in the freezer, hehe. Enjoy your weekend everyone!

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    Skyy is my favorite. No headaches because it is filtered.

  3. Smirnoff Blue (the 50% Alc. one :D )
  4. I don't drink the stuff, but can you really tell a difference in the taste of various brands of unflavored vodka?
  5. My favorite Vodka is Kettle One on the rocks with a twist of lemon.
  6. Ooh, of course my friend, of course... :)
  7. yup... sure can taste the difference. It's like drinking Old English Malt Liquor versus Heinekens.... much smoother and no headache in the morning :)
  8. mmm you make my mouth water :D I'll have to try the other brands mentioned. Not a particular fan of Smirnoff. I only have it when it's mixed, don't like it straight. Never tried the "Blue" though... hmm

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    Grey Goose is soooo smooth. Makes awesome martinis. But it's double the cost of most bottles. Don't know if it's a Canadian only brand, but Silent Sam is darn good too. Almost picked up some Stoli the other day, haven't tried it yet. Next time to the liquor store, I'll get some.
  10. I think Stoli is very smooth for its price, and that's why I drink it. I'm goin to a wedding in a couple of weeks, and I may get a bottle of Grey Goose... heard very good stuff about it.

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