Vmware will be a huge bag for all

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by stock777, Aug 13, 2007.

  1. I predict it
  3. LMAO....:D
  4. Not with all this hype, every person on WallStreet is talking about this IPO. Last time the REAL (Not BX) hype was this big was GOOG.
  5. atticus still licking his wounds from last week.

    I understand
  6. You have no reason for saying VMW will be a bag. It was stupid to get into BX because in reality you were buying nothing. Notice the great earnings and no real movement in the stock price? Says something right there.........

    VMWare has great numbers, you would know this if you did your DD.
  7. Stock777 isn't a trader.

    He is an internet troll who dreams of someday opening a trading account while getting yelled at by his shift manager at McDonald's.
  8. Thought so... thanks for the verification.
  9. I know who Longhorns is.

    He has to wear an ankle bracelet and has to stay at least 100 yds away from anyone under 16
  10. :eek:
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