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  1. VMWware got killed today. I am thinking about jumping in. Such like I did with HAR (when everyone called me nuts - took 6 pts.)

    Anyone chime in on their thoughts?
  2. i bought some at 95....
    we'll see..

    my first impulse is to say this dip will bounce.

    second impulse is to say this nasdaq correction may rebound from lower levels though.

    I know one thing -- the trend on nasdaq has been up. Is this the end? Or is it a correction? What changed in the last several days about the debt-invulnerable underleveraged/0-debt tech balance sheet argument on behalf of the nasdaq growth stocks? I don't think much. valuations were getting a little optimistic, considering the economic news.

    But its pretty clear goog earnings aren't too vulnerable (yet) to CDO losses. Or that net infrastructure growth is still occurring (vmw virtualization argument).

    everyone is long the nasdaq (short the S&P and russell), so these corrections to the downside are of course more violent to be expected.

    I bought some RIMM, AAPL, GOOG as well on thurs lows. I may cut it quickly though if this mkt doesn't improve soon. The sale may continue.
  3. Hardy-har-har. Consider waiting for the stock to trade below yesterday's low and then place a market-order-to-buy at that price for a "hook reversal" set up.